To prevent and combat insurance fraud and insurance related financial crime worldwide

HOW do we operate?

The IAIFA and its members are continually working to improve the quality of data available to members and break down the jurisdictional barriers by working with regulators, companies and other law enforcement agencies.

Those who break the law are adept at using these jurisdictional boundaries as a protective shield. IAIFA is trying to cut red tape involved in the various (often necessary) jurisdictions' "privacy" laws in an attempt to track down crime and encourage other enforcement agencies to share information to the mutual benefit of all who are involved in assuring a high level of integrity throughout the insurance industry.

WHAT are our Goals?

IAIFA's goal is "to co-ordinate the efforts, training and education of law enforcement agencies, government bodies, and the insurance industry to move more effectively prevent and combat insurance fraud worldwide." IAIFA has kept its focus on insurance fraud, which its members view as a crime against all segments of society - not a victimless felony, as some would define it.

WHEN do we meet?

IAIFA meets annually. The annual conference hosts eminent speakers whose presentations update the members on critical developments. It also enhances personal contacts and exchange of information between members throughout the year.

IAIFA cooperates in regional seminars which focuses on such topics as how to effectively use the laws to prosecute and recover assets gained by fraudulent means. Added to this, these meetings have widened the network of contacts for members from Europe, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, Africa, and North America.

Between meetings, our newsletter keeps members informed of the various projects undertaken by the Association and its members, as well as presenting new trends in the field of insurance fraud, both from a criminal and law enforcement perspective.

WHERE are we found?

International is the first word in IAIFA's name. That means what it says. While IAIFA began in North America, the founders were not so insular to believe that they had a unique place in insurance fraud. More than ever, sharing intelligence and finding ways to successfully prevent and combat crimes is essential for the members to do their job effectively.

This is why the IAIFA wants even more countries to join in this worldwide effort. It is a classic case of the sum of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. The interchange of information is invaluable, and should be available to everyone in their fight against sophisticated global fraud.      

IAIFA members map

WHO are the members?

It could be you and your organization. IAIFA's members include government insurance departments and fraud bureaus, law enforcement agencies, respected insurance companies, and related firms with a strong interest in combating insurance frauds.

You may obtain the application by clicking the button below or by contacting us for a mailing of the application. Upon receipt, your application will be considered by IAIFA's executive committee. If you are accepted, you and your organization will have made a major step forward in beating insurance crime. This will be true not only for you in your own jurisdiction, but for your colleagues elsewhere, who will welcome hearing how you cope with escalating problems of insurance fraud.


WHY were we formed?

Insurance fraud is recognized internationally as a multi-billion dollar problem. IAIFA was created after a group consisting of the Directors of Insurance Fraud Agencies from the U.S.A. and Canada met to confront this burgeoning problem which is not restricted by jurisdictional boundaries. It soon became apparent that if the agencies could share information they would increase their degree of effectiveness. Rapid communication is of the essence in catching fraud artists who know how to move money literally at the speed of light. From those early beginnings in 1986, with only a handful of members in North America, IAIFA now encompasses the Globe.


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